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How to make your first move

When you finally decide you want or need to move, you’ve taken the first step to making it happen. Life is continuously changing and so you need to move with it, to be able to keep up. At different stages of your life you will find you may need to upsize or downsize your home. We are talking about your first move, one which most young people make at some stage of their life.

This can usually be to step out on your own, to take on the responsibility of work, become independent and start a new part of your life. It can be a move because of a new job or starting tertiary education or maybe just to move in with friends. Whatever the reason it can be a very exciting time, and so make sure that you will have what you need for your new place, and check that there will be enough room for all your belongings.

There are a few important things to take into account with your first move and these are, firstly to ensure the new place will accommodate your furniture, secondly organize all the things you want to take and those you want to leave behind that may cause clutter, and thirdly use a reputable removalist company that have good customer service, at a reasonable cost.


When you’re young and taking that first step to leave home, the good thing is, you can get a lot of help from family and friends. They can help with the sorting and packing and then when you get to the new place they can help with the unpacking and putting away. Of course when it comes to the heavy lifting of the larger items, you need to choose the right removalist company. The right movers are the key to making the transition done properly. You may have accumulated many things, some of them from when you were very young. There may be some sentimental treasures you want to take with you, which you will want to pack yourself. It’s important to have all you are going to need, so if you have taken measurements of the new place it will help ensure the furniture will fit. Making a list of the furniture will keep you organized. When enlisting the help of the furniture removalists, it’s important to communicate exactly what you need including organising the day and time and the amount of furniture to be moved.


If you’ve decided to move out with your friends, to step out on your own you will probably be feeling excited and anxious at the same time. You will be looking forward to the change of being able to live with your friends or even different people. This can also be quite challenging as there will be a lot of different things you will need to get accustomed to. Being independent means having to fend for yourself, so there is more work involved. Learning to take on new responsibilities can have its ups and downs, but this is a learning curve and helps you to find your feet. Apart from setting up your new home and settling in to your new space, you need to organize timetables for work and university. This will make sure you get off to a smooth start.

If you have chosen a removalist company such as Quick pick movers, you can rest assured they will get the job done. They are professionals in their field and have had years moving experience. Quick pick movers will talk to you to make sure that all the details of the move are determined from the onset and that you are happy and satisfied with the move. Their movers will help you from the start to the end. They will make sure all your items and packed and wrapped carefully and they will move the furniture to truck using special equipment if needed. Their help will make your move a breeze, and before you know it you will be in your new place. Jaipur is a great city which offers many opportunities and is also a great place to have a lot of fun. So when you have settled into you’re new place, you can make a day to go out with your friends and enjoy the freedom, or invite your family or friends over and celebrate your move.