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Sometimes circumstances can change unexpectedly. One day you could be living your life as you had planned and all is going well. The next day something could happen that even though you had no part in, could also affect your life. When this happens you could be put in a position to make changes that may disrupt the way you’ve been living. Although this may be awkward and disruptive, out of everything negative you can always find a positive aspect.

So when you find yourself having to make a change and accommodate others, you may also find the change to be useful and productive. This is exactly what happened to me one day, I have three children, two who have married and are in their own home with their families, and the third my son who had recently married and moved out into a rental home.


For the next nine months my husband and I made changes to the house, as our son had taken most of his belongings and some of ours too. We changed his room into a study and we were appreciating the peace and quiet, and had the luxury of privacy we hadn’t had for quite a long time. Then suddenly out of the blue our son came over to let us know that they were having baby, wonderful news but unfortunately his wife was quite ill during the pregnancy, and was told by doctors she needed to take it easy throughout the pregnancy.

So she had to quit her job and stay at home. The problem with this was that on one income they couldn’t afford to rent and save up for a home, so it was suggested that it would be a good idea if they move back in with us until the baby was born, and they were back on track financially.


Of course as a family we supported their decision, but we knew there would be a lot involved, firstly we needed to accommodate all their new furniture, so we had to make some storage space and clear rooms for them and the baby. We decided to make room in the garage for the extra furniture, so we had a couple of days cleaning that out, to make space, and then there were the other rooms in the house.

It was a four bedroom home, one was our room the others were a bedroom each for my daughters when they were at home and of course my sons’ room which we had turned into the study. The hardest part was making enough room, so we decided we would use one of the bedrooms to store as much as possible and then make one room for the baby and the other for my son and his wife.


They needed to organize the move which we also needed to help with. As my son couldn’t take too many days off work and his wife was unable to do anything tiresome or strenuous, we did all we could to organize the move.

We did the smaller and more personal items and for the larger pieces we called the experts. After doing a little bit of homework about different furniture removalist companies, making sure you choose the furniture removalists that will take care of your possessions with great customer service, will greatly help to ease the pressure of the move. There are many good companies out there, but the one that caught our eye was Quick Pick movers. They were friendly and professional and advised us about everything we needed to know about the move. They addressed all our concerns and arrived early to start the packing and loading of the furniture onto the truck.

Everything was done with efficiency and effortlessness. Before we knew it the furniture was packed and on its way to our home. When they arrived at our home, we had the rooms ready for the new furniture. The removalists unloaded everything from the truck and carefully placed the items where we needed them. This made everything easy to set up and get organized.


A little bit about what happened to our growing family. We have lived in Melbourne all our life and my family is a large extended one. When my father passed away I asked my mother to come stay with us. It was good because we are a very close family and we have a large house. We have three girls and two boys and the home has always accommodated us, but recently it seemed there was a lot of bickering around bathrooms and usage of space in general. I guess the children were getting older and everyone it seemed wanted their privacy. With mum living with us, it was more pressure for both the children and her because of the generation gap, and of course I became piggy in the middle. I’m a very patient person but after a while it was beginning to disrupt all of our lives.

Families can have their ups and downs, and most of the time there are measures you can take sort things out. Sometimes the solutions we find, don’t always suit everyone involved, and that’s when it might be time for a radical change. We loved our home and for a long time it had served its purpose well, but we had outgrown it. So it was time to move to something more suited to our family and my husband started looking for a new place. After seeing many houses we finally found a house that was big enough for everyone. After quite a bit of planning it was decided we would move, and so it was done.


When you have a young family the children all seem to get along for the most part anyway, and the adults pretty much have things under control. It’s great because even with a big family, usually your life can be manageable. Once the children start growing up, becoming teenagers and needing their privacy, so do the adults. In our case having my mother living with us, also meant her tolerating the children and being older she had less patience. All this is understandable and their requests were reasonable as it got to the point where nearly every day someone was complaining about one thing or the other. The boys wanted the family room to watch sports and have their friends over and the girls were constantly over using the bathroom. Then there was the issue of my mother, lovely as she is, she is older and no longer can handle a lot of noise around her. Teenagers can be loud and are full of energy and always on the go from one thing to another. Getting them to start packing their belongings was a chore in itself, but eventually they got into it and were looking forward to the move. I got all of them to pack their own stuff and get rid of what they didn’t need. There were many items that were still useful but they no longer needed and I made sure these went to Salvation Army.

I called a company I had heard about from a friend, she had used them in the past and highly recommended them. They were Quick Pick movers and they were so helpful from the start. Their service is exceptional for cheap movers Melbourne all around, and they handled our furniture in the best possible way. The move seemed effortless as they worked as a team and moved in and out of the house packing items and quickly moving them on to the truck. These Melbourne movers were on the ball and before we knew it, they had emptied the house and loaded everything onto the truck. It was such a relief the movers were friendly and really at our service, they knew their work and were professional and efficient. I think being a Melbourne removalist, meant being a great removalist Melbourne wide, and really, they were. They transported our furniture to the new house and unloaded everything, and went above and beyond to ensure we were totally happy with the end result. The new home had a granny flat at the back, this was great because it gave mum her privacy and independence. She was so happy because she felt free to live her life and also felt safe with us so close by. She could be with her family without feeling as if she was imposing, and the movers were kind enough to help put mums furniture in the flat. This was a great help to us because with a big family, moving can involve a lot of work, and with the help of the movers , shifting my mother’s furniture into the granny flat, helped relieve any extra stress.


A move is not an easy task; it requires a lot of time, effort and organizing. Save on unnecessary trouble with a reliable furniture removalists company in Melbourne!

The modern lifestyle has turned time into a valuable asset. More and more people are working harder, they have no spare time to spend with their loved ones or for their favorite activities, let alone to settle important and demanding tasks such as a move. Fortunately, today we all have at our disposal a useful tool that can offer a solution to every problem quickly and easily. The internet is the most informed source that will give many different choices and solutions no matter what you are looking for. This is great because it gives you, as the customer not only the chance to find the professionals that will best meet your needs, but it will also enable you to get away with your move and save a bit of your precious time.

If you have access to the internet you will have the opportunity to choose among many and different moving companies that offer removal services in Melbourne. You able to make a comprehensive market research and you will be able to select a company that best suits your needs.


Life is pleasant but it also has some difficult moments. A divorce is one of those difficult and hard to handle situations that completely change a man’s life. That means that people may have to make important decisions, including a move. For most of us changing home is a complicated process much more when we are in a poor psychological state as it happens when a marriage falls apart.

A friend of mine recently experienced such a situation. After 21 years of marriage he got divorced and he had to change home. This was a milestone in his life, not only did he get back to the single life but he had to start a new one from scratch. My friend had to make a huge change that meant that there were numerous issues that had to be settled. Being depressed, my friend felt that he would not cope with all these responsibilities, therefore, reasonably Mike start looking for the professionals that would do all the hard work for him. This was a right decision that helped Mike go through with the new obligations that he has now encountered.


Changing home does not just mean moving your possessions from one place to another, a preparation is also needed. First of all, one should choose the things that they need and that they want to take with them to the new house and those that he will give away. Furthermore, as for the possessions that will be transferred, they should be properly packed and grouped so that the fragile ones that need extra packing won’t suffer damage. Last but not least, a reliable company that will undertake the whole task and that will move your possessions fast and safely is the key to the issue.

However, some people need extra help. Being a hardworking man Mike was not related to the household, so organizing and packing was more than difficult for him. He always had his wife do all the housework and as a result Mike was unable to do even the slightest thing related to the house. A removalists company that would do the transfer and also the packing has been the case for him. My friend called Quick Pick Movers, the furniture removalists that offered the services that he needed.


Using the internet will let you see every option available and find a solution whatever the issue. In addition it is fast and easy giving you the chance to find the answer to all your questions and help you make it while avoiding troubles. Mike searched the net and he finally found the professionals that he needed. He had to choose among many different companies but having in mind the special offers that his case required he made the right decision.